Welcome to Bridger Mountain Racing pigeon club & Western Open race info.

Welcome to homing pigeon racing under the Bridger Mountains of southwest Montana! We provide here a source of information and enthusiasm about the sport and the birds themselves, as well as information about the challenges and pleasure of  racing through the Montana terrain and  climate. Enjoy your visit! 


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 Are you interested in keeping racing pigeons?
We find that this hobby has a great appeal to those of us who enjoy working with animals, to those who appreciate athleticism, to those who like friendly, wholesome competition. If you find yourself in one or more of these descriptions....be careful, you may discover that the allure of these amazingly athletic birds is ever-increasing.

You can seek out your own comfort level with the birds. If you desire a lower-key approach, with only a handful of homing pigeons for the family to enjoy, that's certainly an attractive approach for many. The spectrum also includes those who are deeply committed to racing. Races range in distance from 100 miles to 600 miles, with 500 miles being among the most popular distances. 

There is only one  racing pigeon club in Montana, out of Bozeman  The American Racing Pigeon Union, or AU, has approximately 700 affiliated clubs around the country. It is the friends and mentors you'll find in the local club that can enrich the hobby for you, no matter what level you choose to participate.  If you were to enroll in Homing Pigeons 101, you would find that there are basics to be considered. Whether strictly as a light hobby or with a more sporting approach, whether for yourself or as a family activity, you will find that you are on a bit of a learning curve. Remember, these birds are very different, in nearly every way, from anything you have ever thought of when you thought, "pigeon." The registered Homing Pigeon - the athlete - will be a source of great enjoyment.  For now, basic topics that you will need basic information on include: The Birds - The Loft - Nutrition - General Care & Management - Training - Health - Breeding - Clubs - Competition.

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We would love to provide you with basic information on Homing Pigeons and on our local club.  You can contact us.

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